Finding the Best Scrap Metal Buyers in Illinois: Chicago

by Greenway Metal Recycling | Jan 24, 2021

When searching for scrap metal buyers in Illinois, you first need to narrow down your options to small or large-scale metal recyclers. If you are recycling a one-time, small amount, then any of the public scrap metal yards in Chicago should do. If, however, you’re looking to recycle large amounts or from an ongoing project, then industrial scrap metal buyers in Illinois are the way to go.

There is much more to consider when looking for industrial scrap metal dealers, which we’ll cover in this article.

How to Find the Best Industrial Scrap Metal Buyers in Illinois

Industrial scrap metal buyers in Illinois offer better pricing and more services than a basic Chicago recycling center. So, if your business or big project produces waste from metal parts and components, you should search for industrial scrap metal dealers.

But not all scrap metal buyers in Illinois are created equal. Let’s take a look at what sets the best apart from the rest.

Reliable Recycling Pick Up

The best industrial scrap metal buyers offer reliable and efficient pick up services. You can easily schedule recycling pick up in Chicago or set a regular recycling pick up schedule for your business or job site.

Best Metal Recycling Prices

Since industrial scrap metal buyers in Illinois work with bulk materials, they can offer the best scrap prices. You will certainly get better value with bulk scrap metal buyers than Chicago recycling centers that work directly with the public.

You can usually also get special pricing if you schedule recurring metal recycling pick up. Chicago manufacturers and builders can then “set it and forget it” and receive a check on a regular basis!

Fastest Paying Scrap Metal Dealers

When searching for the best metal recyclers, always ask how fast the scrap metal dealers pay.

Many industrial scrap metal buyers in Illinois take weeks to pay their customers for their recycled metal. They pick up the material, process it, and then eventually get around to sending out a check. That is the sign of a bad scrap metal dealer!

The best industrial scrap metal dealers pay in 10 business days or less. At Greenway Metal Recycling, we pay in 5 days or less!

100% Recycling

Lastly, the best scrap metal buyers in Illinois recycle 100% of the scrap metal into new products. By recycling 100%, they can offer the best metal recycling prices. Plus, they offer the greatest benefit to our planet by turning waste into completely usable products. 

Very few scrap metal dealers can boast 100% recycling. So, this item should tip the scale for which scrap metal buyer in Illinois you should hire.

Best Industrial Scrap Metal Buyer in Illinois: Chicago Area

Greenway Metal Recycling serves Chicagoland and stands high above the competition. Our exceptional service includes:

  • Reliable and efficient recycling pick up service
  • Highly competitive metal prices
  • Fastest Pay-Outs (only 5 days or less!)
  • 100% recycling of scrap material into new products

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