Chicago Scrap Metal Dealers that Pick Up

by Greenway Metal Recycling | Sep 22, 2021


Are you an industrial or manufacturing business that produces metal waste? Or, does your job site have metal waste to recycle? Let one of the best Chicago scrap metal dealers, Greenway Metal Recycling, help!

Chicago Scrap Metal Dealers that Pick Up

Our company will pick up your scrap metal, recycle it at our recycling center, and pay you for it!

The following is the guide to services we offer and how you can make money without leaving your factory or job site.

Scrap Metal Recycling

Scrap metal recycling is the practice of recovering and recycling scrap metals from industrial and commercial companies, like manufacturers and construction companies.

Scrap metal can include both ferrous and non-ferrous metal materials, which are commonly found at commercial and industrial job sites.

Only a few Chicago scrap metal dealers, like Greenway Metal Recycling, recycle 100% of scrap raw metal. It gets converted into new products, which reduces waste and leads to a cleaner planet. In other words, scrap metal recycling can positively impact your bottom line and our environment.

Chicago Services We Offer

At Greenway Metal Recycling, we make your life easier by recycling your metal from start to finish. That makes the recycling service as seamless as possible.

In fact, we offer free scrap metal audits and will buy your ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Did you know that we are also one of the scrap metal dealers that pick up directly from your location? We do one-time and regular pick-ups. We truly want to make your recycling experience seamless. That way, you can spend your time focusing on your job at hand.

Scrap Metal Audit

Let us audit your materials to tell you how to better maximize your profits! We will review your current recycling processes to help determine how to increase your efficiency and profitability. All for free!

Ferrous Metal Recycling

Ferrous metals are the most commonly recycled metals. You can easily identify if a metal is ferrous because it is the only type that is magnetic.

The following are the most commonly recycled ferrous materials: forgings, turning, stainless steel, and heavy melt. Even though ferrous metals are prone to corrosion and rust, you can still recycle most of them.

Non-Ferrous Metal Recycling

Non-ferrous metals are not magnetic and can be recycled more than once. The most commonly recycled non-ferrous metals are copper, aluminum, nickel alloys, and insulated wire.

Scrap Metal Brokerage

We are one of the Chicago scrap metal dealers that relies on our long-standing partnerships with mills and foundries. That means we can get you more for your scrap metal than other companies!

Scrap Metal Pick-Up Service

Let us pick up your scrap metal recycling! You can schedule a one-time or recurring scrap metal service for no charge. That means you can simply organize your metal and get paid for it without having to load and drive it to a recycling center. Schedule a pick-up today!

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