What is Sheet Iron and How to Recycle It

by Greenway Metal Recycling | Mar 10, 2022


Sheet iron is a term used to describe ferrous scrap. Almost everything used is made sheet metal, including appliances and water heaters. It is very common to see this material in homes and businesses, but what exactly is it and what is its value?

What is Sheet Iron?

First, we need to figure out what it is. Clean sheet iron is rusty and can be resold for a significant amount of money. However, dirty sheet steel will always contain other materials like aluminum and tar.

A larger boring is relatively easy for metal recyclers to separate from other materials, but smaller borings can be harder. Most scrap yards will have equipment for separating sheet iron from other types of iron and steel. In addition to steel, sheet iron can also include very thin iron. Many appliances and building materials are made from sheet metal. It is usually under 1/8 inch thick and is used in household appliances. Hence, it is more valuable for resale.

Where is Sheet Iron found?

Scrap sheet iron is widely used in building and construction. It can be found in large appliances, such as refrigerators, and is often attached to plastic pieces. Construction and demolition companies will often find sheet iron in their projects. You can remove the plastic pieces to get a cleaner product, but you must separate it from the dirtier scrap. Otherwise, you may get rejected by the recycler. It is best to sort your scrap sheet iron so that it does not have any non-metal parts. If the scrap sheet is free of non-metal parts, it will yield a higher return.

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