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Scrap Metal Recycling for Commercial & Industrial Companies
Greenway Metal Recycling turns 100% of scrap metal into new products.

At Greenway, we recycle most scrap metals, including ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Ferrous metals we recycle include heavy melt, stainless steel, carbon steel, and much more. For non-ferrous metals, we recycle scrap nearly A-Z, from Aluminum to Zinc.

We offer scrap metal pickup service for commercial and industrial companies and never charge for our removal equipment. Customers can schedule a pickup for one-time service, or we can arrange ongoing pick up service as needed.

Scrap Metal Recycling | Greenway Metal Recycling

Ferrous Scrap Metal Recycling

Heavy Metals, Stainless Steel, Busheling, Plate & Structural, Clips, Cast Iron, Steel Dies, Forgings, Carbon Steels, Rail, Coils, etc…

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Scrap Metal Recycling | Greenway Metal Recycling

Non-Ferrous Scrap Metal Recycling

Aluminum, Copper, Insulated Wire, Brass, Lead, Zinc, Tin, Nickel Alloys, etc…

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Scrap Metal Recycling


How Greenway Recycling Can Help Your Commercial & Industrial Business

With over 50 years of combined experience, Greenway Metal Recycling is a leader in the scrap metal recycling industry. We partner with area businesses to offer a solution for scrap metal recycling. Our long-standing commitment builds knowledge that is used to develop and maintain industry standards.

Greenway Metal Recycling helps your business turn scrap and otherwise wasted material into cash. As one of the country’s biggest manufacturing hubs, local factories and businesses need a Chicago recycling service they can depend on. We offer a FREE SCRAP AUDIT and consultation to ensure our customers get the most from recycling. We also pride ourselves on the most efficient service, from scheduling to sending you your check. Most Chicago recycling and scrap metal dealers take months to pay their clients, but not us! Our clients receive a check for their recycled material in net 5 days or less!

How Greenway Metal Recycling Can Help the Environment

As U.S. manufacturing production increases, our company is committed to protecting our environment and helping manufacturers reduce their carbon footprint. With our free scrap audit, we can help identify which materials you can recycle and save from landfills.

Plus, 100% of the scrap metal we buy is recycled into new products! Our clients don’t believe in waste, and neither do we. We go the extra mile to make sure all of the scrap metal goes to good use.

By streamlining the recycling process for local businesses and upholding the highest standards, we are doing our best to care for our neighbors and our planet.

Scrap yard equipment at Greenway Metal Recycling

What do you have to offer?

We recycle all scrap metal through our recycling program and find efficiencies that make the difference.

United States Steel Production

American Made = American Strong

A GMR believes that American Made equals America Strong. We support the American Steel Industry by using local steel resources and services in our scrap metal recycling processes.

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Scrap Metal Recycling for Commercial and Industrial Companies.

Let us know what scrap metal you have to recycle and we will come pick it up.

Greenway Metal Recycling offered a free scrap audit that helped me get the most out of my scrap. They worked with us to implement a comprehensive recycling program, brought us their equipment and pick up on time. Their knowledge and service, helped us streamline our process. Plus, it great getting paid in 5 days! I would highly recommend.