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Recycling Services For Commercial & industrial Scrap Metal

Scrap Metal Recycling Services for commercial & industrial companies

Greenway Metal Recycling is a full-service Chicago area recycling center and scrap metal dealer for commercial customers. We specialize in recovering scrap metal from manufacturers, construction companies, and other industrial and commercial enterprises. 

Unlike other scrap metal dealers in Chicago, we convert 100% of scrap raw material into new products to further reduce waste and to increase the positive impact our clients have on the environment.


Our Chicago Recycling Services

At Greenway Metal Recycling, we buy both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Our services take care of you from start to finish, making the entire process as seamless as possible. We pride ourselves on reliable, efficient, and high-quality customer service that makes us one of the best industrial scrap metal brokers in Illinois.


Scrap Metal Audit 

Our FREE scrap metal audit reviews your current industrial recycling processes to identify which areas you can improve on for efficiency and profitability.  We look at what materials you recycle and how you separate them to advise you on how to maximize your returns. 

This free scrap metal audit is available to both new and existing customers.


Ferrous Metal Recycling

Ferrous metals are the most commonly recycled metal and are easily identified because they are magnetic. Ferrous metal list contains materials such as heavy melting steel, stainless steel, forgings, turnings, and more. Even though ferrous metals rust and corrode, in most cases, they can still be recycled. 

Greenway Metal Recycling ensures you get the most value for your industrial ferrous scrap metal.


Non-Ferrous Metal Recycling

Non-Ferrous metals can be repeatedly recycled. These metals are not magnetic. The non-ferrous metals list includes materials like aluminum, copper, insulated wire, nickel alloys, and more. 

At Greenway, we can help your business maximize your returns on your non-ferrous scrap metal.


Scrap Metal Brokerage

Greenway Metal Recycling has decades of experience as one of the best scrap metal brokers in Illinois. We have long-standing relationships with foundries and mills, meaning we can get you top dollar for your scrap metal. 

Our experience also lends to efficient, reliable service that makes the entire process as simple and stress-free for you.


Scrap Metal Pick-up Service for industries and B2B.

Scheduling one-time or repeat scrap metal pickup service is quick and easy using our Schedule a Pickup form or by contacting us at (773) 558-2216. Certificates of Destruction are available upon request. 

At Greenway, we never charge for our removal equipment!


Areas We Serve

Greenway Metal Recycling is the go-to Chicago area recycling center and scrap metal broker for industrial and B2B companies serving the greater Chicagoland area, including but not limited to the following.


  • Cook
  • DuPage
  • Kane
  • Kendall
  • Grundy
  • Lake
  • McHenry
  • Will