Ferrous Metal Scrap Recycling at Greenway

Ferrous Scrap Metal Recycling

See our Ferrous Metals List below to see what we buy.

What is Ferrous Metal?

Ferrous metals are the most recycled material. The easiest way to tell if a metal is ferrous is to see if it’s magnetic. If it is magnetic, then it’s ferrous.

Any alloy or metal that contains a meaningful amount of iron is considered ferrous. Ferrous metals are traditionally used because of their material strength. Thus, ferrous metals are used extensively in the manufacturing industry as well as for structures, such as bridges and skyscrapers.

Despite their many attractive properties, ferrous metals are vulnerable to rust and corrosion. In most cases, ferrous metals that are rusted or corroded can still be recycled.

Common ferrous metals include carbon steel, steel, and cast iron. Although, as you can see in the ferrous metals list below, the category includes a wide array of metals.


Ferrous Metals List:

  • #1 Heavy Melt
  • #2 Heavy Melt
  • Stainless Steel
  • Busheling
  • Plate & structural
  • Unprepared plate
  • Clips
  • Cast iron
  • Steel dies
  • Forgings
  • Carbon Steel
  • Rail
  • Turnings
  • Coils

Properties & Benefits
of Ferrous Metals

Since all ferrous metals contain iron, they exhibit the same beneficial properties of iron. There are several properties that make ferrous metals valuable and versatile.

Ferrous Metals are:

  • Malleable
  • Strong
  • Magnetic
  • Conductive

Due to its hardness, durability, and tensile strength, ferrous metal is widely used in almost every industry. Ferrous metal is commonly used in manufacturing automobiles, tools, cargo containers, structural beams, and much more. Since they are also conductive, they are used in certain electronics applications.

The downside of ferrous metals is that they are highly vulnerable to rust and corrosion.

Using ferrous scrap in the production of iron and steel can reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Whenever ferrous metal is recycled here at Greenway, 100% of the recycled material is turned into new products.

Why sell to Greenway Metal Recycling?

Greenway Metal Recycling offers flexible quick payment terms for your scrap metal that can be processed in little as 24 hours from time of pick up. The true commodity is our relationships with our customers. In addition, we can provide a certificate of destruction if necessary.