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Scrap Metal Recycling for Commercial & Industrial Companies

Greenway Metal Recycling is one of the top scrap metal brokers in Illinois. Based in Chicago, we broker for commercial, industrial, and manufacturing companies across the Chicagoland area. With our decades of experience, we provide the most value to our scrap metal customers, ensuring efficient service and top prices. 

Our scrap metal brokerage service handles everything from start to finish. We handle all logistics, from pick-up and loading from your facility to preparing, packaging, and shipping to a third-party buyer. 

Most scrap cannot be sold directly to foundries or mills—that’s where Greenway Metal Recycling comes in. We have the facilities and capabilities to prepare scrap metal for recycling and delivery to third parties. Plus, we have long-standing relationships with foundries and mills and receive top dollar for scrap metal, which means our customers receive top dollar, too. Plus, better payment terms!

Prices of scrap metal vary across the country, but the Chicago market is one of the highest-paying markets in the country for scrap metal. As scrap metal brokers, we make it easy for you to capitalize on those high prices to reinvest in your company or to take home the extra money. 

But earning money for scrap isn’t the only benefit…

Between our powerful partnerships with our customers and our third-party buyers, we offer a full-circle service to turn your scrap into reusable material. In fact, Greenway turns 100% of scrap metal into new products. So, by employing Greenway Metal Recycling, you get paid great prices for scrap and get to help the environment by recycling reusable material. It’s a win for you, a win for our community, and a win for the planet. 

Ferrous Scrap Metal 

Due to its strength and durability, ferrous metal is used extensively in the manufacturing industry, which Chicago is most known for.  Having both buyers and sellers in the Chicagoland area greatly improves the efficiency of the recycling process, which brings you the most value for your scrap. Greenway helps you turn that valuable scrap into money.

Non-Ferrous Scrap Metal

Non-ferrous metal can be recycled over and over again. Since it is not magnetic and non-corrosive, non-ferrous metal is most often used for wiring, electronics, and products that will be exposed to the elements. Non-ferrous scrap is also common in Chicago’s industries, which is why we, as scrap metal brokers, work hard to get you the best price in our market. 

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