Benefits of a Free Scrap Metal Audit by GMR

by Greenway Metal Recycling | May 21, 2021

A free scrap metal audit ensures your company gets the most return for your scrap. You don’t want to leave money on the table, especially when a free scrap metal process review can put that money in your pocket.

At Greenway Metal Recycling, we offer a free scrap metal audit to all new and existing customers in the Chicagoland area. To schedule your scrap audit, contact us today or keep reading to learn more.

What is a Scrap Metal Audit?

A scrap metal audit reviews your current recycling processes, including what materials you recycle and how you organize them. The goal is to identify which areas you can improve on to maximize your returns.

How Does a Scrap Metal Audit Work?

First, you contact Greenway Metal Recycling to set up a free scrap metal audit. Then, Greenway sends out an experienced associate to your premises.

The associate reviews if and how you separate your scrap metal, how you store it, and your recycling schedule. They will identify gaps in efficiency and provide suggestions and solutions on how to streamline your processes and maximize your returns.

Benefits of a Scrap Metal Review

Many manufacturers and other commercial companies are leaving money on the table when a quick and easy solution would put it in their pocket.

Get Higher Scrap Prices

One of the most common mistakes these audits identify is improper separation of recyclable materials. Simply separating certain metals and types of scrap could greatly increase the metal prices you get for recycling excess materials.

Mixed metal scrap receives a significantly lower amount than if the scrap is separated by metal type. But that’s not the only type of separating that can get your higher prices…

Different types of scrap, even of the same type of metal, are worth more. For instance, steel that is cut or slab is worth more than steel that is made from turnings. By separating the types of metal and the type of scrap will maximize your return.

More Efficient Recycling Process

In addition to figuring out how to increase your scrap prices, Greenway can help make your recycling process more efficient.

We can offer suggestions on how best to separate and store your scrap. Or, better yet, we can help separate your scrap. Greenway can provide all of the right equipment to easily separate your scrap metal.

Best of all, we never charge for the use of our equipment!

So, not only do you get a free scrap metal audit, but also free use of our equipment. It’s a win-win that proves to you that we are here to help you make the most of your recycling endeavors.

Schedule a Free Scrap Metal Audit (Chicago)

Greenway Metal Recycling serves commercial, industrial, and manufacturing companies across the Chicago area. With our decades of experience and free scrap audit, you can get the most value with the least effort.

As scrap prices continue to skyrocket, competition has increased to get customers the best payout.  For a limited time only, Greenway Metal Recycling is offering 50% ACH payable on your next scrap pick up and the remaining 50% in net 5.

Contact Us today to schedule a Free Scrap Metal Audit or to learn more about our scrap metal recycling services.

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