What is the most valuable scrap metal?

by Greenway Metal Recycling | May 12, 2022

Scrap metal can be found in a variety of products from aluminum cans to electric motors. The highest price in scrap metal recycling includes metals like brass, aluminum, and bronze. These are non-ferrous metals but precious metals can also be profitable scrap metals. Many factors play into the scrap prices offered by scrap recycling yards. Top dollar is paid on the types of metals in high demand and this demand fluctuates daily. The best things to understand are the types of scrap metal and where you might find them.

What Metals are Valuable?

Copper is one of the most valuable scrap metals for recycling. It is reddish brown when in good condition, but it can take on a dark brown hue when tarnished. You can find it in copper pipes from plumbing, electrical wiring, air conditioners, cooking pans, and more. Copper is also used in electromagnets. Its high melting point makes it the perfect choice for recycling.

Aluminum is another highly valuable metal for recycling. It is commonly found in kitchen sinks, window frames, and automobile hoods. Recycling aluminum will make you a quick profit. Aluminum is worth nearly $1.44 per pound and is ideal for recycling.

Brass is also a highly valuable scrap metal for recycling. Brass is especially useful for scrapping because of its rust-resistance. While not a precious metal, brass is a popular choice for recycling since it costs more to manufacture than other metals. This way, brass can help the environment and manufacturers save money.

Stainless steel is another popular metal for recycling. It is found in many products, including automobile parts and kitchen appliances. Steel is the least valuable ferrous scrap metal and is often a cheap substitute for other scrap metals.

In addition to copper, aluminum, lead, and alloy steel, you can also find other valuable materials in a variety of commonly manufactured items. Manufacturers can recycle the cuttings or shavings produced after machining parts. It’s important for manufacturing facilities to sort different categories of scrap metal so they can get the best price by volume. Industrial metals recycling is extremely lucrative for a business owner, so it pays to frequently monitor metal prices and to know what metals are worth scrapping.

Besides the benefits of recycling highest paying scrap metals, it also saves resources and energy. The most important step is to find a local scrap recycling yard. Scrap metal buyers will identify the type of valuable metals, provide a price quote, and even help schedule the pick up. Greenway Metal Recycling is a scrap metal year servicing the Chicago area. Though they do not service the general public, Greenway Metal Recycling has a great relationship with Chicago area commercial and industrial companies for their recycling needs. As a scrap metal dealer, Greenway Metal Recycling offers a free scrap audit and consultation to ensure customers get the most from recycling. Call Greenway Metal Recycling to learn more about current scrap metal prices.


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