Industrial Metal Recycling Services

by Greenway Metal Recycling | Jun 18, 2022

Industrial scrap metal recycling is becoming a very popular way for businesses to dispose of unwanted materials. While many businesses don’t have the time to do it themselves, there are metal recycling services that offer financial incentive to recycle the scrap materials you create. Greenway Metal Recycling is one of those companies. As a local scrap yard, this company processes scrap metal in the Chicago area and plays an important role in industrial recycling.

Many industries generate large amounts of waste metal and raw materials from their processes. These items are usually recyclable, and you can sell them to recycling operations to get the money you need for your products. Not only does industrial metal recycling preserve the environment, it is also more cost-effective and easier to use than storing and separating the metals from the rest of the trash. This means you can sell your scrap metal without worrying about the environmental impact of your business.

The scrap metal industry is a huge job creator. It reduces the amount of mining wastes and air and water pollution by 97%. In 2006, over two hundred shredders recycled 17 million cars, producing 14 million tons of shredded scrap. Then, those recycled materials help the economy create new products. And by doing this, you help to reduce the need for new metals in landfills. Your business will place an active role in the recycling process in the United States and support our environment at the same time.

Industries Generating Scrap Metal

Many industries generate large amounts of industrial scrap. The construction industry, for example, generates a large amount of industrial scrap. Construction companies recycle copper and steel for building materials, including car parts. They even collect electrical components and cabling from a job site and demolition project. Machine shops with large production runs can generate scrap from both ferrous scrap metal and non-ferrous metals. The largest sources of scrap metal are from the construction industry and automotive manufacturing. Consumer demand is consistently increasing for new products such as home appliances and air conditioners. As you can see, there’s plenty of usable material in these sectors and industrial metal recycling is one of the important steps in protecting our natural resources. So don’t waste it – recycle it!

You’ll also find that many metals can be recycled multiple times without degradation. Some of the most common ones include steel, aluminum, copper, brass, stainless steel, titanium, and titanium. Many of these common metals have different grades and a final product may have a mixed scrap metal stream. You’ll find that other high-temp alloys, such as brass, are also recyclable. Copper is one of the most valuable metals in the world and is used in plumbing pipes, air conditioning units, and computer cables. Electrical wires contain copper, which is covered in plastic and is brightly colored. Copper is one of the most valuable metals to recycle. You can sell copper separately from other metals to earn money at the scrap yard. Aluminum is another metal that is useful in industrial settings. Although it looks like steel, it won’t stick to magnets like steel. Aluminum is a great material for recycling, and it can be used for a wide range of applications. Precious metals such as gold, silver, and palladium can also be accepted at metal scrap yards. Industrial scrap recycling prices vary from one location to another and are dependent on several factors, including market trends and the kind of metal.

Finding a Metal Recycling Service

When choosing a waste metal recycling company, make sure to ask if they’re able to provide you with a free consultation and estimate. A well-run scrap metal yard will weigh your containers and contents on certified scales and give top dollar for the value of your scrap metals. Greenway Metal Recycling is an experienced scrap metal broker and industry leader in the recycling industry. For exceptional service, give Greenway Metal Recycling a call today for great prices on industrial scrap metal.  Our scrap metal recycling customers get paid in 5 days!


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